Kratom is ingested in different forms, but powder form is the best because it is quickly absorbed into the body within 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the potency of your kratom strain, the effects may be felt for three to six hours. It is also essential to ensure that you purchase your powder from a trustworthy source to avoid adverse repercussions. So that you can get the best experience from your kratom powder, make sure to weigh so that you don’t overdose. Here are some of the ways you can take your kratom powder. Get more detail about kratom dosage to get most out of it, here at

Kratom Dosage

1. Gulping with water

Tossing the kratom into your mouth and swallowing with a substantial amount of water is by far the simplest method. However, you should be ready for a bad aftertaste. With this method, you don’t require any unique items, just your best strain and some water to wash it down. The toss and wash method is for people who don’t mind a massive lump of bad tasting powder on their throats and swallowing it down with water. Yes, it is not an easy method especially for the first time users, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

2. Tea method

Some people have claimed that by boiling their kratom powder in water gives them better results. Well, with this method, you should boil the powder in some water, then strain the residue and take the liquid. You can drink the tea either hot or cold. Boiled kratom tea has a manageable taste. The best thing is to experiment with different strains so that you discover which has better effects when boiled.

3. Taken in juice

Pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices are the best to take with kratom powder because they reduce the strong kratom taste. Ideally, you should put your weighed kratom powder into a glass, and then add about 150 ml of your preferred juice. Stir the mixture until all the powder dissolves and drink.

4. Add to yogurt or a milkshake

The powder can also be added into your glass of yogurt or milkshake. Yogurt or milkshake masks the strong taste of kratom which is ideal for first-time users. Some people have also reported that using a protein milkshake gives better effects.

5. Capsule form

If you want to avoid the taste of kratom entirely, then you can opt for the capsules. Capsules are convenient because they can be taken anywhere without any special preparation. However, a size 00 capsule can only hold about 0.5 grams of kratom. This implies that if you take 5 grams to achieve your desired effects, you’ll need to take about ten capsules at once.

In a Nutshell

Kratom can be used in different forms, but powder form is the most common. There are different ways in which you can ingest your powder to achieve the desired results. Some of the ways in which kratom powder is taken include: mixing with juices, adding to yogurt or milkshake, making kratom tea, toss and wash method, and ingestion of capsules.