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Mmm Speciosa is a new vendor of kratom in the kratom industry. They claim that they sell the best quality of kratom by best herbal resources. They get the best herbal kratom from Indonesia by reliable and ethical harvesters. Kratom that they get comes in crushed leaf form which is easy to check batch to batch for purity purpose. The vendor says that they are new in kratom business but they are trying hard to win the trust of their customers.

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Why choose them?

Although they are new in this field of kratom, they are trying to make their customers satisfied and trying to gain a good reputation. They get quality kratom from trained and professional  suppliers, and they purchase raw leaf powder of kratom after that they test them batch to batch. They also claim that by removing stem and veins we get the most purest form of kratom with finer quality. Process that they use is the ‘hammermill process’ which is used to get your required consistency of kratom powder and the texture does not result in grainy form. Mmm speciosa only deals in powder form of kratom and there are only 7 types of strains.

Products and price

They have a very limited variety of strains and the only product they have is kratom powder. Strains and their price in packaging of 25g is mentioned below;

  • Baik Bali = $12.99
  • Green Vein Maeng Da = $13.29
  • Plantation Maeng Da = $14.99
  • Red Bali = $11.99
  • Red Vein Maeng Da = $13.29
  • Red Vein Thai = $12.99
  • White Tiger Thai = $11.99

They also offer bulk packaging in 250g packets.

Discounts and Offers

Mmm speciosa also offers discounts on bulk and regular purchasing for this you can also see their newsletter on their website. It is also highlighted on their website that with every purchase you will get a 25g sample pack and if you shop over 125 you will get three sample packs.

Customer care

However the company is new but they have the best customer care and they are trying to satisfy their customers by every means. If you have any issue with your order you can contact them and they will try to help you in every possible way. You can contact them by sending email and they will contact you after that. Time for reading emails is 9.30am-2.00pm, mails sent after 2.00pm will be replied the next business day.

Shipping and delivery

Orders can be placed from 9.30am-2.00pm and active days for orders are from mon-fri. If you place an order after cutoff time that is 2.30pm, the order will be shipped the next business day. MS uses USPS First class, Priority mail, Priority express and fedex. Delivery time for orders is within 2,3 days.if express mail is late than expected time then they will issue a coupon code of $14 and you can use it in your next shopping.

Payment policy

Payments are received in US dollars and payment methods are checks, cashiers’ checks, money orders, postal money orders. Orders through checks will be shipped after the payment is clear.


  • High quality
  • Herbal kratom
  • Finely ground through hammermill
  • Fast delivery
  • Discounts
  • Free samples
  • Helpful customer care
  • Batch to batch test


  • Limited types of strains
  • Only powder kratom
  • No money back guarantee
  • No FAQ section
  • No comments by customers were shown there on website

The Maeng Da Kratom Review


Kratom strain is the herb that originates from South East Asia. In addition, the herbal leaves have grown in popularity due to its medicinal value. Historically, Kratom has been used for medicinal purposes especially in treating chronic pain in cancer patients; this is due to the soothing effects it has on the patients. It is commonly preferred by users due to the fact that it is a natural herb; hence, helping to finish the addiction that comes with these of opiates without causing any addiction. However, there are different types of kratom strains available in the market; hence, making it challenging for beginners to buy the best strain.

In this guide, we look at the Maeng Da Kratom, and its effects. But for detailed information about this strain click this link.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da is one of the finest forms of kratom compared to other variants which are believed to have tampered or doped forms of kratom. Traditionally, Maeng Da is known to be a supreme drink that is presented to guests during festive seasons. For Reference Visit: One factor that differentiates Maeng Da from other strains; is the color of the plant leaves. The color of the leaves is dark green in raw form. However, upon crushing, it has a dark green appearance.

The Maeng Da family exist in the following variants.

  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da and,
  • Red Maeng Da kratom strain.

Benefits of Maeng Da

One of the most outstanding features of Maeng Da is the fact that its variants are much stronger than others. Therefore, this implies that the strain can be taken in small doses, but still give effective results.

Clarity of Mind.

The Maeng Da helps reduce the mental clatter; thus, making one think clearer. It is mostly recommended for people who tend to overthink and worry a lot. If you are experiencing such issues, then we recommend that you try this strain out.

Increased Energy

Maeng Da Kratom can help increase users’ energy. It helps improve their concentration, focus, as well as improve their productivity. Due to that fact that it has energy boosting effects, most people like taking this strain the morning. It is not advisable to take this strain especially when you are going to bed since you will not require that energy, uncles you are going to work and needs some level of concentration and focus

Increased Mood

The Maeng Da Kratom is known to have a mode enhancing properties. Also, it provides moderate euphoria and most users report a lifted and better mood once they consume this strain.

Pain Reliever

The pain relieving properties in Maeng Da kratom is not the same as the ones found in the Red Vein Bali. Nonetheless, it still provides mild pain relief in addition to its other effects. Although it has mild pain relief effects, if one is experiencing chronic pain, it can still be used as an alternative.

Final thoughts.

The Maeng Da family is known to have energy boost effects on the body especially the Green Maeng Da Kratom. Nonetheless, all the variants provide good stimulating effect especially when taken in small doses.…

A Complete Guide on Kratom Tea


A Complete Guide on Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is one of the best methods of consuming Kratom. Most people prefer kratom tea to capsules as it is highly effective. The tea is made from various kratom strain powder. The leaves from the kratom tree are dried first and crushed to make the kratom tea. You can take kratom tea at any time of the day. Here is a complete guide on kratom tea.

How to Make Kratom Tea

Preparing kratom is straightforward. However, the process depends on the strain you are having. Most people prefer making kratom tea from powder, while others boil the leaves. Whichever method you choose highlighted below is the right process to follow when making kratom tea.

Firstly, choose the right kratom powder to use. Next measure the right dosage and boil the kratom powder in water for about 30 minutes. During this time, allow the powder residue to settle on the bottom and strain the liquid.

Alternatively, if you do not favor boiling the powder, mix the strain with hot water. Once you mix the strain with hot water, strain the leaf residues and use take the strained liquid. However, it is worthy to note that kratom tea is bitter, you can add honey to it to give your tea a better taste.

How long does it take for kratom tea to take effect?

Kratom tea is known for its effectiveness. You should note that you will start experiencing the effects 20-30 minutes after taking the tea. The effects can last for about 3 to 6 hours.

Effects of Kratom tea

Most people take kratom tea for medicinal properties. Other uses are stimulation effects. The health benefits of kratom tea include;

  • Mood enhancement
  • Relaxation,
  • Pain reduction
  • Sleep improvement, and
  • Improve the overall health of a person.

Side Effects of Kratom Tea

Just like other herbal products, kratom tea has some side effects. They include;

  • Dry mouth,
  • Lack of focus,
  • Stomach upset, and
  • Blurry vision.

Where to purchase Kratom Tea

You can get kratom tea through the online stores that specialize in kratom products. Most of these stores will ship kratom tea to all parts of the world, except in countries and cities where the herb is still illegal. Be sure to check the status of the herb in your country before you place an order in any store. Make sure you choose a supplier who offers a money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Kratom tea is legal in almost all countries today. Many people have discovered the benefits that come with kratom tea. If you want to enjoy kratom, make sure you take kratom tea. Although the taste of kratom tea is bitter, you can always spice it up using honey in order to enjoy taking your favorite drink.… Review Of Kratom Strains


This is a Review of kratom strains like red Bali and white Bali that can sometimes be hard to find. But on this site, you can find them and for a great price too. If you are buying kratom at a local store you might not know what strain you are getting, you might want to try others as well.

For the best source of kratom, I have found that this site is really at the top. There are other Review posts as well and they have said the same as I am saying here, that this is one site that knows their kratom. When you want organic, quality kratom, then you should go here first. This is a site of professionals who offer a variety of kratom strain options so that you can pick and choose different kinds. There isn’t only one kind of kratom to choose from.

buy kratom

You might find different benefits with different strains and it does not hurt to experiment with other strain options and see what benefit might come with it. They offer great rates and when you want to get a kratom supply that is a good price then you can know you are getting that when you purchase from here. I have been pleased with the different kratom strains that I have tried already and I am happy that I have a place to go online to find good kratom that will meet my needs.

There are many different kratom options out there but you cannot be sure what you are getting unless you know and trust the supplier. For this Review, I want to share that not only can you find quality ingredients but they also offer a discount for first-time customers because they want to help you to be able to experience a quality product.

They offer some of the best rates for kratom out there and only organic kratom options on their market. If you want red Bali or white Bali, or some other kratom strain, then you should start here before you go looking anywhere else for the product. When you want to find some kratom it is important to get it from a kratom expert, not someone who just sells kratom along with thousands of other items.

They might not even know what kratom is. But with this site, you can be sure that you are getting the best kratom that there is out there. That is what you want to find when you shop for supplements, go with trust and quality every time and that is the best way to be sure to get good products for your money, that should include supplements like kratom too.…

The Green Maeng Da Effects


Among kratom users, Green Maeng Da is one of the most popular strain. As a green strain, it is known to offer analgesic and stimulating effects. Therefore, making it be regarded as one of the fast strains. Currently, Maeng da is being grown in Kalimantan as well as other areas in South East Asia. However, the plant originates from Thailand.

 Loosely translated in Thai slang, the name means “Pimp“. Thai dealers decided to name it so to increase its sales. Additionally, it is worthy to note that the strain has high potency compared to other types of Kratom. Besides, it is also referred to as the most potent green strain.

Green Maeng Da kratom 

The Green Maeng Da Effects.

Increased energy

  • Green Maeng da is known to increase user’s energy levels. It helps them concentrate, focus, and be more productive. Due to this, most users like taking it in the morning instead of or with tea.

 Better Mood

  • The Green Maeng Da is known to have mood enhancing properties. In addition, it provides a moderate euphoria and most users report being uplifted after taking the strain.


  •  Although the strain is known to increase energy, it also provides moderate relaxation. This is helpful for people who are suffering from anxiety, yet require an energizing drink to stay awake.
  • Additionally, the strain can be useful for users who experience jitters or high anxiety levels after taking caffeine. it is worthy to note that it can increase energy levels at the same time help users cope with anxiety.

 Mild Pain Relief

  •  The pain relieving capabilities of Green Maeng Da is not as strong as the Red Vein Bali. However, it can still be used to provide mild pain relief in addition to other effects.

 Maeng Da Pros

1. Stimulation Without side effects

  •  Fast strains are known to provide stimulating effects even in small doses, it can irritate the stomach and cause nausea. On the other hand, the Green Maeng Da provides stimulating effects as well, However, since they aren’t strong, users are not likely to experience side effects.

 2. Forms great combination with coffee

  •  If you love kratom and you don’t want to give up on taking coffee, the Green Maeng Da maybe a great option for you. Additionally, it provides mild energizing effects which are less intense than those of the white strains. Due to this, you are less likely to experience irritation or agitation when you take it in with coffee.

 Final Thoughts

The Green Maeng Da is known for its high potency; thus, it is favored by most users. Besides, it is known to enhance people moods. If you are an introvert and you’re looking for the perfect way to boost your confidence, then this is the best kratom for you to take.


For reference visit:

How to Take Kratom Powder for Best Effects


Kratom is ingested in different forms, but powder form is the best because it is quickly absorbed into the body within 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the potency of your kratom strain, the effects may be felt for three to six hours. It is also essential to ensure that you purchase your powder from a trustworthy source to avoid adverse repercussions. So that you can get the best experience from your kratom powder, make sure to weigh so that you don’t overdose. Here are some of the ways you can take your kratom powder. Get more detail about kratom dosage to get most out of it, here at

Kratom Dosage

1. Gulping with water

Tossing the kratom into your mouth and swallowing with a substantial amount of water is by far the simplest method. However, you should be ready for a bad aftertaste. With this method, you don’t require any unique items, just your best strain and some water to wash it down. The toss and wash method is for people who don’t mind a massive lump of bad tasting powder on their throats and swallowing it down with water. Yes, it is not an easy method especially for the first time users, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

2. Tea method

Some people have claimed that by boiling their kratom powder in water gives them better results. Well, with this method, you should boil the powder in some water, then strain the residue and take the liquid. You can drink the tea either hot or cold. Boiled kratom tea has a manageable taste. The best thing is to experiment with different strains so that you discover which has better effects when boiled.

3. Taken in juice

Pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices are the best to take with kratom powder because they reduce the strong kratom taste. Ideally, you should put your weighed kratom powder into a glass, and then add about 150 ml of your preferred juice. Stir the mixture until all the powder dissolves and drink.

4. Add to yogurt or a milkshake

The powder can also be added into your glass of yogurt or milkshake. Yogurt or milkshake masks the strong taste of kratom which is ideal for first-time users. Some people have also reported that using a protein milkshake gives better effects.

5. Capsule form

If you want to avoid the taste of kratom entirely, then you can opt for the capsules. Capsules are convenient because they can be taken anywhere without any special preparation. However, a size 00 capsule can only hold about 0.5 grams of kratom. This implies that if you take 5 grams to achieve your desired effects, you’ll need to take about ten capsules at once.

In a Nutshell

Kratom can be used in different forms, but powder form is the most common. There are different ways in which you can ingest your powder to achieve the desired results. Some of the ways in which kratom powder is taken include: mixing with juices, adding to yogurt or milkshake, making kratom tea, toss and wash method, and ingestion of capsules.…

Tips For Buying The Most Authentic Kratom


As more people discover the mental, emotional and physical benefits of using kratom, this herb is gaining massive popularity by the day. This ultimately translates to increased demand, which, in turn, triggers an upsurge of multiple vendors and hence a lot of competition. While the rivalry among the sellers might appear like a good thing, finding authentic kratom at a decent price is now tantamount to walking on a minefield. There are multiple issues surrounding quality, compelling kratom users to try different vendors in a bid to find the most reliable. Here are some tips that would come in handy when looking to get authentic kratom and Say no to disease.

Do your Research on your Prospective Kratom Vendor

If you are a rookie kratom user or you’re looking for a new vendor, don’t just pick the first one that crosses your path. Instead, take your time checking out different and sellers. A genuine vendor should have a website in which they display critical information regarding their product assortment, not to mention lab testing results. The site should also provide some easy means of contacting them.

A credible vendor also allows their customers to post reviews and testimonials regarding their experience with the products. You should use these testimonials and reviews to determine the most authentic kratom products from your prospective vendor. In some cases, reliable vendors advertise their products on online market places like eBay or Amazon. Regardless of the number of sites in which they post their products, the prices should match. If you find a product from your prospective vendor being sold at a meager price in a certain site, avoid it like the plague; the chances are that it’s bogus.

Don’t Rush for Extreme Kratom Discounts

When stored properly, most kratom products stay fresh for three months after purchase. When Kratom vendors realize that what they are selling is about to expire, they offer very attractive discounts. If they followed ethical practices and discarded the expired products, they would sustain devastating losses especially when vast quantities are involved.

Buying a product that will soon expire doesn’t necessarily mean that you are risking your health. You simply need to consume the product before the expiry date. As such, it’s advisable not to buy a bunch of these products. However, if you find products whose discounts are rotating, the vendor is likely to be selling authentic kratom. Sellers may choose to discount different products at diverse times to attract customers.You might be interested in white rabbit kratom and read more about white rabbit kratom at

Don’t Buy Kratom Products Whose Origin You Don’t Know

Kratomplants are native to Southeast Asia in places like Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma). The plants’ scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa, but other herbs in this family aren’t real kratom. While the authentic kratom and the counterfeit might look similar, they don’t have the same alkaloid concentration. This means that they won’t be as effective and may lead to unpleasant side effects.

With only a slight exception, most kratom products come from Borneo Island, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Therefore, if you come across a product that isn’t from the areas above, it’s highly unlikely that it’s authentic. Also, avoid a buying kratom from a vendor who hesitates to tell you the origin of their products.

When it comes to purchasing herbs like kratom, you can easily be tricked into buying low-quality products. Merchandises might appear well packaged and sell at favorable prices, which could be merely marketing stunts. Thus, you need to do thorough research on your prospective vendor, avoid cheap discounts and learn the origin of the kratom before making a purchase.…

How find Kratom locally and online to buy from verified vendors


For those in the know, Kratom is a popular drug that came into the marketplace to help addicts with withdrawals from hardcore drugs. Now it is in demand due to the opioid effects and has remained legal in the US, you will even find users drinking this plant in hot beverages such as tea. Remember this is a herbal product that actually comes from leaves of a tree in SouthEast Asia. If you are searching for Kratom near me then the first source you need to look into is online forums. These are excellent resources for fellow users to review places that you can safely use kratom and tell you how easy it is to obtain.

Various ways you can take this plant include in drinks, or even nibbling on the leaves themselves. This is more likely to offer stronger feelings of euphoria and a decrease in pain making it a popular choice for people who suffer bad health which includes a lot of pain. People have also reported a decrease in conditions such as social anxiety and depression. With these conditions on the rise, you will find suffers looking for a multitude of ways to ease the stress.

Like all types of substances, you must obey the warning signs and do not take regularly as you could increase your risk of addiction. This is also strictly for adult use and should not be taken by minors or abused. Do some proper research before deciding to feel the benefits of this plant.…